May Announcements!

June 7, 2017


  • Please, remember that if you are unable to make it to your shift, you are responsible to find a fill in. (regardless of the reason, if you can’t make a shift please get the shift covered)
  • If you do not have the fill-in list, please contact the office and we will be happy to send it to you.
  • Check with the family: Inform the family of any dates you’re planning to be gone
  • The family will then tell you whether they NEED coverage. If they do, begin working on finding a fill in IMMEDIATELY
  • Contact the office and inform them of the dates you’re looking to have off so they are also aware ahead of time
  • Contact your client’s current PCAs: Call, text, and email all PCAs who are currently trained to work with your client(s). See if they can trade or pick up your shift(s)
  • Fill in list: If none of the current PCAs are available, and the family is ok with a non-familiar PCA, contact the office for the master fill-in list
  • If you are unable to find coverage, and the client cannot go unstaffed, you will be required to work. (90% of healthcare related positions will need to work Holidays, unfortunately it comes with the territory)
  • We cannot stress this enough

 Summer Clients

  • Many of you are still wanting more hours with clients. Because of this, we are able to bring on NEW CLIENTS! This has not happened in over two years. However, the process can sometimes take longer than anyone really wants. For those who are wanting more clients, we want to say, thank you for your patience and flexibility with us as we take clients off our waiting list.

Time Sheets

  • We have noticed a few reoccurring errors with times sheets within the last few months. So I just want to go over a few of them.
  1. When filling-out time sheets, please use Black or Blue Pen. Because this is an official document that the state needs, it must be blue or black ink.
  2. Do not forget to put your initials in the Activities portion.
  3. Please Print your legal full name AND your clients legal full name when filling out each time sheet.
  4. Please circle AM or PM on the time sheet and write in your total number of hours.
  5. We use increments of 15 minutes. 15 minutes is equal to .25 and round to the nearest 15.
    1. Example: If you leave at 4:21 from your shift, you would write 4:15 on your time sheet.

Thank you everyone for being wonderful and doing an amazing job. We have heard a lot of positive comments from all our families and I want to make sure that everyone knows that we at the office appreciate everything you do, not only for us but for the clients that you work with.  I hope that everyone has an amazing summer!


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