November Announcements!

November 22, 2016

November Announcements

By now you should have turned in your spring semester schedules! If not, please make sure to get them to your relations manager as soon as possible! We are working on your schedules for spring and will have them out to you by mid December!

Yearly Paperwork
In addition to schedules, you should also have scheduled a time to come in for your yearly paperwork. If you went through orientation prior to October, you will need to come in. If you are going (or staying) on-hold you will also need to complete the paperwork. Please call your relations manager to set up a time to come in!

Need Some Tips on Attending a Job Fair?
Job or internship fairs can sometimes feel scary or intimidating, but they don’t have to be! Attending a job or internship fair is an important piece of networking and can open many doors for you. To help calm your nerves and better prepare yourself, check out these tips and tricks!

Classroom Announcements!
Interested in earning extra cash as the holiday season approaches? There’s an easy and quick way with Student Experience! To earn an extra $25, all you have to do is make a classroom announcement about your work with Student Experience! How easy is that? The even better part is that if one of your classmates applies with us and gets hired, you also get the $150 bonus!

We value every single one of you as employees and appreciate everything you do for us and your clients. If we could each of you, we would! So get your pals in here and earn that extra money – there’s never a bad time to get $150!


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About Gregg Saunders

Gregg Saunders is passionate about helping others grow and reach their future success.  He has been President of Student Experience since 1993.  He has brought a unique combination of student development and business together, effectively challenging and supporting students to accomplish more than they thought they could.

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