Busy Work or Hard Work?

June 22, 2016

Busy Work or Hard Work?

 I think sometimes we use the excuse of “busy work” to avoid doing the “hard work” forcing us to answer difficult questions.  The Competitive Edge Program is a little scary because it starts to lead you down the path of making choices about your future.  We can allude ourselves into thinking that “winging it” works as well as trying to plan ahead but, that often isn’t the case. 

 Yes, some of the assignments may seem a little boring to you.  But, if you find something isn’t meaningful to you the beauty of the program is you are free to choose something that is – in fact you can design your own activity for each of the four areas if you choose.  So, really this doesn’t have to feel like busy work at all. 

 Take a moment and think ahead to when you are closer to graduating and you are looking at the perfect job ad – “your dream job”.  And, then you think the following:

1.                   I don’t have my resume done; in fact, I don’t have one at all.

2.                   I wonder what pictures I posted on my social media sites – do you think the recruiter will look me up?  (If you don’t know the answer to this question, yes they will.)

3.                   I don’t have a LinkedIn account – do you think the recruiter will find me?

4.                   I haven’t visited my career center since my professor made us go my freshman year – I wonder when they can meet with me?

5.                   What will I say in an interview?

The time to look for your first job after graduation will come soon enough and the more work you do now and the more practice you have talking to people in your network about your future goals the more articulate you will be when the time comes to sell yourself and convince an organization to take a leap and hire you.  Even the most senior professional does not “like” to update their resume and cover letter – it takes a lot of time, effort and it has to be perfect.  More importantly, what it is on your resume and on your LinkedIn site needs to tell your career story and where you see yourself in the future – this is the hard work.  Knowing who you are, your interests and skills, and knowing the direction you want to point yourself in – and the Competitive Edge Program will help you find and polish those answers so you are ready for your “dream job” whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Not, only at the precise moment you are ready for it. So, now ask yourself – is this really “busy work” or is it just “hard work” you don’t want to do?


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