Learning to Say “Yes” to Opportunities Like the Competitive Edge Program

March 11, 2016

How often do we hear ourselves say “I don’t have time”?  Stop for a moment and ask yourself what you are truly saying.  When we say “no” to one opportunity the ripple effect is often greater than we may realize.  When we say “yes”, the possibilities in front of us grow exponentially because of the possibilities that open because of a new experience.  The Competitive Edge Program is designed to guide you through a meaningful set of activities helping you align yourself with your future career path.  Defining your Professional Identity, developing Workplace Competencies, gaining  Work Experience and building a Strong Network are all things college graduates need to have accomplished if they want to effectively launch themselves into the world of work.

We want you to step back for a moment and challenge the statement “I don’t have time”.  Are you doing some of these things already?  Can you work them into your life in an efficient manner?  How many times a week do you walk past the career center without stopping?  Are there ways to incorporate the activities into things you are already doing?  The program was designed not as “BUSY WORK”.  In fact, it is designed to help you avoid wasting time and effort and to help you align your work and school activities to move you forward on your career trajectory.  If you are engaged in activities without a purpose and they are not aligned with your “true” self, isn’t that a waste of time?

 Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you feel your resume has relevant experiences on it for applying for your job of choice after graduation?
  2. Have you been to your career center and met with a career counselor to discuss your future career possibilities?
  3. Can you articulate to someone in 30 seconds what you hope to do after college?
  4. In an interview, can you site specific examples demonstrating your level of competence in your career field?
  5. Are you confident you have built a network of professionals (not just friends) who can help you land a position you are excited about?

If your answer was “no” to any of the questions above, then you should say “yes” to participating in the Competitive Edge Program.  When you say “no”, you are putting off things you should do today for a later date.  In the meantime, every choice you make will be less informed and less aligned and you may indeed waste a lot of time.  When you say “yes”, you are actively deciding to engage in a process which at times may seem tedious, but will open doors and move you ahead.


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About Gregg Saunders

Gregg Saunders is passionate about helping others grow and reach their future success.  He has been President of Student Experience since 1993.  He has brought a unique combination of student development and business together, effectively challenging and supporting students to accomplish more than they thought they could.

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