Making the Competitive Edge Program Work for You

August 25, 2016

Making the Competitive Edge Program Work for You


Over the last year, we’ve written a lot about the Competitive Edge Program and why we think it’s so important, why we think you need to set aside time to do the work, and why it isn’t busy work but, hard work.  What we have also emphasized that we want it to be meaningful to you.  We want ALL our employees at Student Experience to find value in the Competitive Edge process.  In fact, we designed a career development process that can be useful at any stage of your career.  We know there are benefits to doing this work that will pay off in your future success – but we also realize it may not be so obvious to you how you can customize the experience with all that you are juggling. 


The Workplace Competency quadrant is all about developing competencies that employers want you to continue to develop regardless of your level of “proficiency”.  They are also the competencies graduate schools (medical school, nursing school, physical therapy school etc…) are demanding their applicants demonstrate.  Most seasoned professionals will admit they are still developing these competencies and realize they can always get better.  This may be a quadrant you want to focus on if the other quadrants aren’t speaking to you.


The Networking quadrant also has many options to help you expand your circle of connections and influence.  Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student or a young professional, your network can be expanded and your relationships with colleagues and friends deepened.  Tools like LinkedIn break down barriers, but it is up to you to actively engage with your network and find ways to interact with people and “pay” into your network by helping others.  The activities in this quadrant are meant to challenge you to move beyond your immediate circle of friends, people who you know, and to get involved in professional associations and add to your network in meaningful ways.  Most of us can never have too many people to ask for help.


Finally, there are many activities in the other quadrants that can be relevant to your particular needs at any particular moment in your career development.  But, if you simply can’t find anything useful, we challenge you to design your own activity.  Student Experience will work with you to make the Competitive Edge program meaningful to you.  If it’s “extra work” for you – let’s make it your Competitive Edge.


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Gregg Saunders is passionate about helping others grow and reach their future success.  He has been President of Student Experience since 1993.  He has brought a unique combination of student development and business together, effectively challenging and supporting students to accomplish more than they thought they could.

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