Staying Focused in Difficult Times

August 23, 2017

Many of you may feel it’s a difficult time in our world – and quite frankly it is.  There are many issues we are all confronting both at a national level and at a personal level affecting our day to day lives.  As college students, you can feel these issues very personally as you come back to your campuses.  I want to encourage you to take control of what you can take control over and try to stay focused as best you can.  We will all look back at this time in our nation’s history as a pivotal time – I can’t predict what is to come but, I want you to know we at Student Experience are here to support you. 

What can you do?  How can you manage your emotions and stay focused?  Engaging in the dialogue is part of your college experience –in fact you may learn more about yourself then you might expect.  And, I believe engaging in these issues is part of developing your professional identity.  Whether you are thinking about going into a healthcare profession or something else, people will be at the center of your profession.  And, all of these issues impact the people you will serve – including the families we serve at Student Experience. 

These issues are not new and yet; they will feel very real to you and challenge the core of who you believe you are.  I encourage you to listen to those around you as you encounter these discussions in your classes, with your friends, and on your campuses.  Listen to people who have a different point of view than you might have and listen to your heart.  At the same time, plan for how you will need to take care of yourself.  How can you find quiet time?  You will need time to recharge, time to come to peace, time to NOT read or listen to the media.  What do you need to do to stay mentally healthy?  Only you can answer these questions. 

You have time right now to be organized and to anticipate the normal back to school flurry.  The normal change of moving back to school is hectic enough.  Be as prepared and as organized as you can be – plan for how you will fit in your normal PCA hours.  Call into Student Experience and plan for your fall schedules.  Think about what you want to accomplish this fall and learn from the dialogue around you.


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About Gregg Saunders

Gregg Saunders is passionate about helping others grow and reach their future success.  He has been President of Student Experience since 1993.  He has brought a unique combination of student development and business together, effectively challenging and supporting students to accomplish more than they thought they could.

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