Your Personal Brand – Online and Otherwise

February 15, 2017

Your Personal Brand – Online and Otherwise

The new year has started and you are back in the groove of college life. One of the challenges faced by college students in 2017 is keeping your online presence up to date and professional. Some of you may set New Year’s resolutions others of you maybe more apt to set a calendar reminder once a month, or do a “spring cleaning”, or you can choose it as one of your activities in the Competitive Edge Program. Whatever your motivation, you need to know employers are checking your social media presence. They are looking at your pictures, your comments, and posts. They may make hiring decisions based on what they see or read.

What can you do? Be realistic about the message your social media portrays. Understand it reflects the type of person you are, your decision making abilities, and your level of professionalism. You can routinely google your name, look at your social media accounts, delete pictures, ask people to untag you from their posts. Use your social media presence to your advantage. Make sure you have a LinkedIn account. Keep it updated with leadership experiences, jobs, and your educational level of attainment. Make your online presence work for you – not against you.

Your personal brand is much more than your online presence. It’s a consistent image of you that is reflected in how you speak, write, dress, and act. It shows up in the e-mail messages you send, your presence in meetings or at events, your behavior at work.

You are the only person who can manage your brand – through your attitudes and actions, consistent performance, and by the behaviors you present to others in a consistent manner. Your brand comes through when others write recommendation letters, act as a reference, or think about you for future opportunities.

Take care of your brand! Make it a habit to keep your personal brand top of mind – online and in daily life. Your personal brand is your reputation.


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