The Concerned Parent:  Parents are more involved with their college aged children than ever before. How do we know?  We asked our students.  In a recent survey, 58% of our students told us that they consulted their parents during the hiring process with Student Experience.

The Investment:  College is expensive and increasing in price every year.

  • Should my student work while in college?  If they want to get into a health career program (nursing, physical/occupational therapy, physician’s assistant), grad school (psychology) or medical school, they are going to need 800+ hours of direct care experience.
  • What else should I consider to help my student succeed?  Student Experience has been working for over 25 years developing our Competitive Edge program.  This program has helped thousands of college students to acquire what it takes to get accepted into grad schools, health programs (nursing, physical / occupational therapy and physician’s assistant), medical school or hired in their first career job out of college.

Time Management:  How can my student work and still be successful in school?  As part of the Competitive Edge program, one of our 9 workplace competencies we challenge students to improve upon is Time Management.  Over the years, we have found repeatedly that those students who work 18+ hours per week (while taking a full load in school) perform far better academically than those who work less than 10 hours.  Why, because being busy forces better time management skills.

How does Student Experience help?  Our positions are built around the flexibility of your student’s class schedule.  We never ask students to miss school to work with us.  We know it takes the combination of both academics as well as direct care experience to create a successful future.

Safety:  Our positions include providing care to disabled individuals, in their home.  How do we know this is a safe environment?  Student Experience staff go to the home of every new client and meet them to ensure a safe environment.

Training:  When our students start, they first go through orientation and get an understanding of the cares they will be performing with their client.  They then have the option to “shadow” a current student to see how they provide the cares.  The client (or their parent) will provide direction as to how they like their care completed.  A Registered Nurse is assigned to each client and will spend time with your student within the first couple of shifts to go over any questions or care they need more help with.  And our staff is never more than a phone call away (we have 24 hour emergency phone number that our students have from the time they start with us).

Rewarding:  Not only will your student acquire the knowledge and experience to make them a successful health care worker in the future, they will build life-long friendships with their clients.  Every year, our clients and former students are invited to each others graduations, weddings, etc.