Congratulations to Carter for Being Nominated Student of the Month for September

October 4, 2017

Carter has worked with Student Experience since June 2017.  He has been very active in the Competitive Edge program, incorporating his application to graduate school into the program. He is a determined to pursue his goal of becoming a dentist as he has currently applied to 15 different dental schools. Carter soon leaves for a work experience in Ghana and he took the initiative to fill all of his shifts before leaving. Carter is responsible and dependable. He has a successful future ahead of him and we are lucky to have him here at Student Experience.


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About Gregg Saunders

Gregg Saunders is passionate about helping others grow and reach their future success.  He has been President of Student Experience since 1993.  He has brought a unique combination of student development and business together, effectively challenging and supporting students to accomplish more than they thought they could.

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