Courtney Wellman's

“As I started at Student Experience I was so excited but yet overwhelmed. My manager was not only informing me about all of these complex procedures, documents, etc. but also this program called the Competitive Edge. I had no clue what she was talking about and how this program could increase my pay or help me in my future endeavors. However, I was quite motivated to learn more about the program.
I started by looking through the packet that Student Experience provided and I found a lot of activities that I had already done such as creating a resume, job shadowing, choosing a major, StrengthsFinder, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, etc. All I had to do was reflect on all of these activities and how they benefited my future and I got points towards a raise!”

“As I reflected on these activities I not only learned more about what I wanted to do for my career, but also about myself. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator really helped me figure out what kind of personality I have and how that relates to the job that I would excel at. Another activity I did was creating a LinkedIn profile, which not only allowed me to define my work-self but also my strengths. I have gained many connections and am constantly being looked at by various companies. The other activity that really benefited me was creating an essence statement. By doing this activity, I truly summed up who I am in one sentence, which seems like an impossible task, but allowed me to get to know myself.”

“Overall, I have loved my time with Student Experience and the Competitive Edge program. This company truly cares about students and about their futures. The Competitive Edge program offers students a way to improve their work connections, resume, cover letter, and many other items that will apply to many different workplaces, while also offering students a way to increase their pay. I will miss Student Experience and I would recommend any student to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!”

– Courtney Wellman

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