I have been working in the healthcare industry for the last 17 years in various human resources roles with a focus on recruitment. I began my career at Student Experience because I believed in the mission of the organization with helping students be prepared for their future careers within healthcare. As a recruiter, I review thousands of resumes each year. It’s not uncommon for me to find new college graduates who have little or no experience related to their future career. This puts those candidates at an immediate disadvantage in comparison to other new college graduates applying for the same role who did get work experience or internship experience. Student Experience provides students with the opportunity to obtain applicable work experience that will help them be successful in their future career; whether that is confirming this is the career they want to get in to or confirming it is not. Beyond the work experience, Student Experience also prepares students to be successful in the workplace through the Competitive Edge program.

– Jennifer Fuechtmann, HealthPartners

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