Melissa Conger's

“College has been a time of my life where I have grown to learn many different things about myself. One of these has been figuring out what my passions are in life and how I could incorporate those passions into a lifelong career. I have always been the person to put others before myself and find the good in all. I love seeing and hearing people succeed and find true happiness in the life they have been given and deserve. With that, I was able to find a fitting career in Social Work.”

“After beginning my work at Student Experience, I have found my time working with clients and reflection on my experiences in college to have benefited me tremendously. This would not have been able to be done without the opportunities the Competitive Edge program has given me. The Competitive Edge program has allowed me to reflect on my volunteer experiences, my internship, and personal qualities I have that can positively attribute to my future career in Social Work. After reflecting on these things, I have been able to confidently turn in graduate program applications because I have determined the qualities that would make me a great candidate to be a student in a graduate level program. With that, I am pleased to state that I will be attending graduate school at the University of Minnesota Duluth in the Social Work program.”

“The Competitive Edge program has also allowed me to build connections with other people, groups, and community members through LinkedIn and other activities such as, attending a professional conference and completing an informational interview. Connections are one of the most important aspects when searching for a job, internship, or when working in the field to connect clients with other services they may need. By beginning to build a strong network early on in my collegiate career, I have been able to learn about different types of services and job opportunities I would be able to obtain in my field of work.”

“All in all, I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to participate in the Competitive Edge program through Student Experience. This program has been of great benefit for me throughout my collegiate career and will contribute to my success in the Social Work field.”

– Melissa Conger (Accepted into UMD Social Work graduate program)

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