Congratulations to Brandon Flippen for Being Nominated Student of the Month for July!

August 3, 2016

Brandon just started with us a few months ago but has already shown us how
much passion and enthusiasm can benefit the care we provide as PCA’s.
Looking for more meaningful work, he came to us looking for a challenge.
We placed him with one of our most behaviorally challenging clients.
Brandon was nervous, as anyone would be, but took on the challenge with an
open mind and a determined attitude. His client usually needs months to
adapt to new PCA’s, but within three shifts Brandon had already earned his
trust. Since then, his client’s behaviors have improved dramatically and
his mother couldn’t be happier with what she sees when they’re together.
Brandon is constantly looking for new ways to challenge not only himself,
but also his client and make their (his client and his mother’s) lives as
easy as possible. He’s volunteered his time to help organize their home,
in hopes of providing his client with a healthier environment, and is now
working over 60 cumulative hours/week (with his other job) to provide his
client with as much consistency as possible. This is the first time this
client has had stable enough behaviors that they can really identify and
work towards new goals that will get his client out of his comfort zone.
It’s very obvious that his heart is in it and because of that, both he and
his client are growing immensely.


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