What is a PCA?

Becoming a Personal Care Assisstant

No previous experience is required to work with Student Experience. We are a happy to offer our PCAs all the necessary training and tools to become successful in their Clients’ homes. This includes in office training, 1 on 1 in home training, RN staff to support your role and the ongoing support of your Relation Manager throughout your time at Student Experience.

What you need to know

At Student Experience, we offer our students a schedule flexible around their classes. Students that are most successful with Student Experience have a Positive Attitude, a genuine Willingness to Learn and are Accountable to what they say they are going to do.

A day in the life...

The role of PCA is to support and encourage activities of daily living for our clients whom for behavioral or physical reasons, require a PCA. Student Experience works with clients of all ages. Schedules are flexible and some of the activities include helping clients with getting dressed, eating, bathing, range of motion, accompanying to appointments (ie: Occupational / Physical Therapy) and community integration. Whatever the unique role of our students, supportive staff is always right there to guide and prepare you!

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Future Success

Students are the core of our business! Because we recognize the need for hands-on field experience & professional development, our students have been accepted to grad programs of their choice or use their field experience to get their first post college job! See our Success Stories for more!