Competitive Edge: Students Prepared to Succeed

“Student Experience has been working for over 25 years developing our Competitive Edge program.  This program has helped thousands of college students to acquire what it takes to get accepted into grad schools, health programs (nursing, physical / occupational therapy and physician’s assistant), medical school or hired in their first career job out of college.

This program is the #1 benefit of working for Student Experience.  When considering wage/hour, please consider the value of getting into the program of your choice the very first time you apply.  If you need to wait a year to re-apply, how much does that cost you?”

Paying Lee

"This program encouraged me to discover myself in this field and the tasks motivated me to be a better individual when serving families of special needs."

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Courtney Wellman

"This company truly cares about students and about their futures."

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Melissa Conger

"After reflecting on the activities completed in the Competitive Edge program, I have been able to confidently turn in graduate program applications because I have determined the qualities that would make me a great candidate to be a student in a graduate level program."

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Jen Miller

"Engaging in the Competitive Edge program has helped me confirm that being a physical therapist is what I truly have a passion for."

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