Our goal: to create the world’s best living environment for students to reach their full potential.

Courtyard, Amsterdam Zuidas

Unparalleled facilities for all residents.

That is what we aim for. As an independent, independently operating property manager and developer of student accommodation, we are fully devoted to this. We are always looking for innovative ways to make our service and facilities even better for our residents, to offer them even more places to live, in prime locations of course.

The first Student Experience complex opened its doors in 2015: Student Experience Amsterdam Zuidas. Those 800 modern and independent studios on the Zuidas had us craving more. Student Experience Amsterdam Amstel (2015), Student Experience Amsterdam NDSM (2017) and Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven (2020) soon followed. But we are not done yet. In academic year '22 -'23 we will open locations in Madrid and in Granada, Spain.


Our team

The Student Experience team is a group of creative and entrepreneurial minds with great ambition. Everyone is their unique self, and thereby essential to our success. That might just be what we're most proud of.

Together we achieve our goals and strive for more. How do we do that? With short communication lines and an informal atmosphere. Fun company outings are organised regularly and talked about for a long time afterwards. A birthday is not a birthday without a cake. If we have to describe ourselves in three key words: Ambitious, humorous, entrepreneurial!

  • Diverse team
  • Informal atmosphere with many fun events
  • Enterprising culture
  • Strong (and lame) jokes
  • Short communication lines

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Our partners

Student Experience works directly with national and international educational institutions, agencies and student networks to create the ultimate care-free stay.

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What our residents are saying.

What I like about Student Experience is that it is the perfect mix between finding friendships and building a network for the future.

Amsterdam NDSM

Everyone at Student Experience is very open and social. Together you share a really big home because of all the extra areas in the building. You will have the best time here!

Amsterdam NDSM

I really like living here because you can easily make friends. Especially when you are on the basketball court, in the gym or in the game corner.

Amsterdam Minervahaven

Imagine living at the heart of innovation, business and trends but still having the carefree attitude and freedom of a student. This is the prestige Student Experience Amsterdam Zuidas provides us. And I wish I could just live here beyond my student life!

Amsterdam Zuidas

The facilities we share like pool and darts make it very lively. But the own living space means you can focus when needed. And you can make a peanut butter sandwich at 3AM without disturbing anyone. ;)

Amsterdam NDSM

The duty managers who look after the building are really nice. For example when I request a repair and book a time slot, they are always very punctual and try to repair it very well. Good service!

Amsterdam Zuidas

I love that my bike is always safe and dry throughout the entire year. This is why I chose Student Experience.

Amsterdam NDSM

My neighbours became my best friends. I also got a lot of inspiration from the building which I live in, I even made an artbook about it.

Amsterdam Zuidas

NDSM is super cool because it’s close to the water. It’s also the perfect balance between having privacy in your own space and being surrounded by other students to socialize with.

Amsterdam NDSM