Halloween things to do in Amsterdam

On October 31 it is Halloween, this originally Irish holiday is all about spooky figures, pumpkins and trick or treating. But what exactly do we celebrate on Halloween? Halloween is derived from All Hallows Eve; the evening before All Saints' Day (November 1st). On Halloween night, we say goodbye to the past and welcome the new. On the night of October 31, the layer between the here and now and the afterlife would be very thin, allowing the dead to easily return to Earth. Halloween is now also increasingly celebrated in the Netherlands, a blessing for all diehard horror lovers. We have found you some scary places in Amsterdam to celebrate Halloween.

The Army of Horror Halloween Special @ The Upside Down

From Wednesday October 27 to Sunday October 31, The Army of Horror will take over The Upside Down in Amsterdam. The Upside Down is normally an interactive Instagram museum, full of bright colors and positive energy. But guess what? During the Halloween Special, The Army of Horror is taking over the whole experience. They’ll take you on a trip through their twisted and creepy horror world and each room is transformed into a very dark version. You can order tickets on The Upside Down website and this video gives you a taste of what to expect. Do you dare?

Paranormal Horror Circus @ WesterUnie

Spend Halloween night dancing at WesterUnie. The largest Halloween party in Amsterdam starts at 3:00 PM and lasts till 11:45 PM. This 12th edition is themed Paranormal Horror Circus. This means that anything is possible. Creeps, freaks, illusionists and all other mysterious creatures are welcome here. Not dressed-up means no entry. So let your imagination run wild and indulge yourself. More information and tickets can be found on the website.

Horror Escape Room @ Amsterdam Catacombs

Do you have a strong stomach and are you not so easily afraid? Then this Horror Escape Room might be something for you. The game is set in the iconic Posthoornkerk and gives you a combination of an escape room and theater. You are the main character in this real-life horror experience, searching for the dark secrets of the catacombs. 90 minutes of anxiety, stress, darkness and flickering lights require you to be mentally stable and physically fit. You can play with 2 to 6 people and the reviews of this Horror Escape Room are very positive. Let's play a game.

Halloween at the castle @ Muiderslot

Doom and gloom tours are organized at the Muiderslot Castle on Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 October. The history of Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot is not all positive: there has been blood, murder and torture. The Halloween tour tells these stories as you walk through the dark cellars and over the creaky attics of the castle. Did you know that ghosts return to the place where they spent their last day? So there is a good chance that you will experience strange things here or encounter terrifying figures. The tours are given in both Dutch and English. Advance reservation is required.

Horror Movie Night @ Pathé

Especially for all horror fans, Pathé organizes a Horror Night on Friday October 30 in all cities where a Pathé cinema is located. On this evening, the 'Extended Edition' of the classic The Shining will be played for the first time. You can also watch the movie Insidious. As if the movie isn't scary enough, the atmosphere in the cinema will also be quite different during this creepy evening. In the dark you might just come across things that are normally not shown in the cinema.. You can buy your tickets for Pathé Horror Night on pathe.nl.