Upcoming events you don’t want to miss

Now the days are getting shorter and darker, you probably want to snuggle up under the covers and bingewatch your favorite series. That’s a shame! Because there are still a number of fun events on the schedule that you definitely don't want to miss.

So skip that winter depression by gaining new inspiration and having a nice afternoon or evening with fellow residents during one of the events below:

- November 24th; Masterclass - Unlock your creativity. Max Koedijk came up with an inventive way to pay off his student debt within a year. Curious how he did it and how you can come up with creative solutions for your own life issues?
- December 9th; Swap studio. The first clothing swap event at Student Experience! While you give yourself a new look, you are also being planet friendly.
- December 14th and 15th; Wrapping party. The holidays are approaching which means we are doing something extra for the residents of nursing home Vreugdehof. Do you end the year with extra karma points?

Want to make sure you won't miss any events? Then keep a close eye on your mail, our social channels and the What's going on page on the website.

Maybe you have some good event ideas for next year to get to know your neighbors (even) better and give your fellow residents an unforgettable day or evening. Let us know what you would like to organize by sending an email to communications@studentexperience.nl and we are happy to help!