Swap till you drop

Being sustainable and walk out the door with a new outfit? It's possible during the first Swap Party on December 9 at Student Experience Amsterdam Zuidas. This clothing exchange event is organized in collaboration with swap studio and is the ideal way to give yourself a budget-proof new look for the holidays or to score cool presents for under the Christmas tree. Students from all Student Experience locations are welcome.

How it works

At the Swap Party there is one rule: bring one, take one. So you can take home as many items as you brought to the swap. On December 8 between 12:00 and 18.00, you can come to the location to drop off pre-loved items that you want to exchange. This can be clothing, accessories and interior items. Make sure the items you hand in are clean and in good condition. Avoid bringing low-quality, unbranded items (unless vintage) or brands known to exploit factory workers. In addition, premium partners of swap studios such as FÉST and Hartje Oost provide pieces from their overstock to exchange exclusively at the Student Experience Swap Party!


To register for the event, all you need to do is become a verified member of swap-studio.com. For a small amount of €1.99 per month you get access to the swap-studio platform and you immediately have your ticket for the event. There are no hidden fees or transaction costs and the membership can be canceled monthly.

Sustainable together

Everyone has items in their closet that you have never actually worn, no longer fit or are tired of. By giving clothing or other items a second life, you are not only a lot cheaper, but you also contribute to a better environment. Buying less means producing less and that saves on raw materials, energy consumption and emissions. In addition, the Swap Party is a fun and social event where you get to know your neighbors!