Green with envy: make an impression with sustainably and festively wrapped gifts

With the holidays coming up, there is probably some big wrapping to do. Unfortunately, this involves a lot of non-recyclable paper and plastic that then ends up on the big mountain of waste. With these alternative ways to wrap your presents, you are not only sustainable, but you will most likely also win the originality prize. And that is easier than you think!

Furoshiki chic

Furoshiki is an ancient wrapping technique from Japan and literally means 'wrapping cloth'. You can use old fabrics that you already have at home. Think of an old tablecloth, t-shirt or hydrophilic cloth. But you can also buy new fabrics with trendy prints. With this you actually give 2 gifts at the same time, because the material in which the gift is contained can be used by the recipient for several things. At Lush you will find the most beautiful 'wrapping' cloths and useful tips for reuse. Watch this video to become a pro furoshiki packer.


Gift box or bag

Why be difficult when there is an easy way? You can buy packing boxes and bags for little money in most shops. For the nicest ones, take a look at: Sostrene Grene, Dille & Kamille, Hema and Xenos. After unpacking, these boxes can be used as a storage box or to repack a gift. The perfect solution if you don't have much time to wrap your gifts or if your gift has a difficult shape.


Think creative, pack creative

Sometimes we forget how much packing material we actually already have at home. From an old shoebox to preserving jars, cans and toilet rolls; a real craft queen (or king) transforms everything into a beautiful gift box. You can of course decorate these packaging in your own style with paint, stickers, personal messages and glitter. With a personal touch you will definitely have great success! Even more fun: can you find a box of the latest PlayStation somewhere? Use it to wrap another present and trick your friend, brother or nephew into thinking he's getting a PlayStation.


Paper alternatives

Gift wrap alternatives are everywhere. Do you have any leftover wallpaper? Perfect to use as packing material! As well as kraft paper, old newspapers, pages from books or colorful magazines. Choose the style that suits your present and finish it with a rope ribbon or a cardboard label with name and/or personal text on it.


Style it up

The best part of packing is of course the finishing touch! Again, no plastic needs to be used and natural materials provide an extra luxurious look. For example, slide a pine branch under the ribbon or use rosemary and eucalyptus to get a delicious fragrant effect. Dried flowers, leaves and orange slices are also perfect as gift decoration. Personalize your gift by sticking a (black and white) photo of you and the recipient on it. Packing and unpacking has never been so much fun!