New Year’s resolutions? Ditch them and have a fantastic start of 2022!

Now we’ve started a new year, a lot of people talk about their New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps you have also resolved to really start exercising more this year, drink less or start studying in time for your exams. Did you know that 80% of the plans failed already before January is over? So do yourself a favor, ditch those resolutions and rock 2022!

Why you shouldn't have New Year’s resolutions

Since most resolutions are doomed to fail, it is better not to make them at all. The failure of your intended plans makes you feel extra bad about yourself (and its more likely to fall into bad habits). unnecessary! Make a commitment to be the best version of yourself every day. This does not have to be on January 1st, but can be on any day of the month. Sometimes the best version of yourself means working out 3 times a week and other times it means binging your favorite series with a bag of Doritos. Be kind to yourself and you will experience less stress. Positive mind > positive life.

Do it for you

Another big disadvantage of having New Year’s resolutions is sharing them publicly. Friends, colleagues, classmates… everyone has the need to share their New Year's resolutions and ask about yours. Making a change in your life, whether it is big or small, will only succeed if you do it a 100% for yourself. Besides, you don't want your boyfriend / girlfriend to help you (well-intentioned) remind you of your New Year's resolution when you're up to your elbow in that bag of Doritos. Your life, your choices.

This is how you get off to a good start

A positive attitude is half the battle. Don't take yourself too seriously and set achievable, short-term goals. Below are a number of things to do that ensure you having a great start and feeling good about yourself:

  • Tidying up and cleaning. Because a tidy studio is a tidy mind. Clean up the kitchen cupboards, clear out your wardrobe or finally open those letters from DUO, your student insurance and other envelopes that are staring at you from the corner of your studio.
  • Sustainable (student) life. Living more sustainable sounds complicated, but it can already be done with a few minor adjustments. Eat vegetarian tonight or organize a clothing swap. More ideas to contribute to a better future? Read these tips for a sustainable student lifestyle.
  • Expand your student budget and apply for housing allowance. Are you 23 years or older and do you live at the Amsterdam Zuidas, Amstel or NDSM location? Then you may be entitled to receive housing allowance. For more information, visit the website of the Tax Authorities. This way you have extra money left over for a trip after graduation, a tasty take out meal or you may be able to borrow less (hello, low student debt).
  • Not raining today? Take a city walk or call your neighbors together for a game of football, basketball or power workout on the roof. Exercise, fresh air and social contact are 3 check marks on your list of good deeds for yourself.
  • Do something good for someone else. This can be a small or big gesture. Call your mother/grandma to ask how things are going or look for volunteer work in your area. This will not only benefit the people you help, but also provides you with a lot of serotonin (happiness hormone) and karma points!

Didn't manage to cross something off your to-do list today? Tomorrow is a new day!