How to create a productive workplace

Did you know that today is Clean Your Desk Day? This way you prepare your workplace for the new year and you can concentrate optimally. After all, a tidy desk is a tidy mind, right? And let students and creatives just be among those with the messiest of desks. So time to get started!

Choose a suitable place

In your studio you do not have the luxury to create a separate office. However, this does not mean that you should just plop down on your couch or bed with your laptop. In no time you will have neck or back problems because you are not working in an ergonomic position. In addition, your brain associates this place with relaxing. Create a place that is only intended for working and where sufficient daylight enters. This is a nice and healthy work environment.

Clean desk policy

To be able to focus optimally, you need an empty and tidy desk. Therefore, make sure there is sufficient storage space, such as drawers and storage bins. Paperwork, staplers, pens and other 'junk' can then easily be hidden from view. In addition, cut off outside distractions as much as possible. Put your phone away, turn off the television or wear noise-canceling headphones.

Styling and decorating

A cozy atmosphere is not only important for the seating area in your studio, but also for your workplace. A dull, bald work spot creates a bad mood. So feel free to use accessories for a personal touch. Tip: round shapes have a calming effect. For example, schoose a spherical lamp, a round side table or hang some artwork with round shapes above your desk.

Green energy

A plant should not be missing. Not only to create a homely atmosphere, but it also brings a number of measurable benefits. They reduce stress, increase your concentration and productivity, purify the air and provide better acoustics. Use plants to your advantage!

Flexing and stretching

Last but not least, a tip that you cannot incorporate into your workplace, but shouldn’t be missing from this list. It is important to get out of your working position every hour. Grab something to eat or drink, do your laundry in between or take a walk outside. Enough exercise means 46% more productivity. Maybe it's time to buy a sitting/standing desk? At Ikea you can buy these desks from € 199. Or go for an even cheaper and sustainable option and search for one on Marktplaats.