This is how you'll survive Blue Monday

Blue Monday; Also known as the most depressing day of the year. But not for you! Today is a good day to do all the things that make you happy. Studying or cleaning can still be done tomorrow. The tips below will help you get through the day and gain new energy for the rest of the month of January.


Gyms are finally open again and it's time for you to show your face! Exercise ensures that your body produces several substances that break down stress hormones and make you feel good and satisfied. Do you live at Amsterdam Minervahaven? Then you can use the gym on the ground floor. But of course you can also go for a bike ride or walk. This way you also grab some daylight and fresh air.

Making fun plans

One of the reasons that Blue Monday is on the third Monday of January is because it is still a long time before the holidays. You can easily break this negative thought by planning something fun to look forward to. This can be a holiday, but also playing beerpong all night with 3 friends, a movienight or visiting Amsterdam Light Festival before it’s over.

Listen to music

It probably won't surprise you that music affects your mood. Use Spotify to your advantage by listening only to music that makes you happy. Spotify is helps you along with lists such as Happy Tunes and Good Vibes 2022.

Treat yourself

The best medicine for feeling depressed? Laugh! So put a big smile on your face by watching cute animal videos, finally pull that fun prank, have your favorite food delivered, or spend the day with friends or neighbors who always make you laugh.

Go to bed early

Make sure you get enough sleep and go to bed early. Did you know that you need an average of 7 to 8 hours of sleep to start your day well rested? Most people don't sleep long enough. Today is the ideal day to start this good habit. This way, Blue Monday will be over sooner and you can optimally start on Happy Tuesday.