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Innovation in education: if there is a place where this happens, it is at our partner CODAM! CODAM has developed a unique education model to educate more software engineers. There are no pre-admission requirements, no tuition fees, no teachers, no classrooms, and no semesters.

They also apply the sharing is caring principle to their CODAMx talks. Inspiring talks in which experts share their experience about practical and sustainable use of technology in business, government and non-profit organizations. There is also room for questions.

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The next CODAMx event is scheduled on Wednesday, February 2nd from 4 to 5 PM and will focus on the use of technology in psychiatry. The presentation is given by Dr. Victor J.A. Buwalda; psychiatrist with a passion for research into digitization of psychiatry in combination with virtual reality. He elaborates on the following examples from practice:
- The use of Virtual reality in the treatment for consumers with an alcohol use disorder;
- The implementation of an measurement instrument application (the outcome monitor);
- Research on the self-sufficient matrix in the field of public health.

For more information, check out the event page and sign up via our social channels.


CODAM is a fulltime software engineering education based on the Marineterrein, in the heart of Amsterdam. Students learn programming through their unique peer-to-peer educational model. CODAM believes that irrespective of education, economic background, or financial ability, young people should be given the opportunity to maximize their potential. That is why they offer a super innovative, high-quality and accessible software engineer education.

For more information, visit the CODAM website.