Student Experience Love Stories

On February 14th we celebrate love! For Valentine’s Day we collected the most beautiful Student Experience love stories. Because at Student Experience you not only enjoy your own studio, but you also meet a lot of new people and might accidentally bump into the love of your life.

Students could win a Tassie Valentine's date for two by sharing their love story with us. And that resulted in many wonderful tales! Below are some quotes from the winning story that made our hearts melt:

‘’She asked me for a lighter (later found out that she had stopped smoking 6 months prior and only started again to talk to me, so romantic though not very healthy)’’

‘’She thought I was not into her at all, so I invited her on a shooting star gazing date. After we have been freezing in Flevopark for four ours and seen exactly 0 shooting stars (but a very pretty sunrise), I asked her if she wants to date me. She was too stunned to speak but eventually said yes.’’

‘’We have been very happy and in love since. We have travelled to Hamburg and Duesseldorf, gone to the Opera, went to pet stray kittens, the list goes on! But none of this would have been possible without Amsterdam Amstel.’’

Increase your chances to love

Have not met your great love yet, but would like to find them? Then there are a number of things you can do to increase your chances of love. Who knows, maybe next year we’ll be swooning over your love story.

1. Participate in Student Experience events
Various events are organized throughout the year where you can get to know new people. Especially at events that do not take place at your own location, there is a good chance that you will see many new faces. Are you looking for a sporty type? Sign up for one of the sports or yoga classes during the June sports month. Prefer a whizz-kid? Then take a good look around during the masterclass. Tip: Visit the Rooftop Movie Night and gather up your courage to sit next to that cute neighbor and share a blanket together.

2. Common space, common interests
Don't be afraid to make a solo entrance in one of the common areas and connect with other students. After all, that's what these areas are meant for! Ask who's up for a game of table tennis in the lounge, basketball on the roof or make some small talk in the garden. If this does not result in new love, then you’ll probably make friends for life.

3. What Happn(s) at Student Experience stays at Student Experience
Do you find it a bit too scary to speak to someone directly? Then download the dating app Happn. This app puts you in touch with people who have been within 250 meters of you. So do you have a crush on the person sitting to your left during the Co-Study Sessions? Then send them a message via Happn (if you both have an account here).