How to unlock your creativity according to Max Koedijk

Are you convinced that you are not creative because your drawings look like they were made by a five-year-old? Let go of that idea. You can be a creative thinker too! According to Max Koedijk, creativity is already inside your head. With valuable tips and funny anecdotes, Max explained how you can unlock this creativity during the Masterclass he gave. 

Not creative?

Many people think that creativity has to do with artistic skills like painting or drawing. But creativity doesn't come from artistic skills! Creativity is the ability to create new ways to solve existing problems. You can actually train yourself to be more creative, no matter the skills you were born with or the work field you're in.

The idea

Max always starts by defining the problem very clearly. If you understand the actual problem exactly, you will find the solution sooner. The following three tips will help you look more creatively at your idea.

  1. Limit yourself
    When you think about a problem, your brain follows specific patterns. If you limit yourself with a deadline or a budget, you will remove your brain's habits and look at it in a different way. 
  2. Find another perspective
    Take someone in mind and imagine how this person thinks about your problem. By looking at your problem from a different perspective, you’ll gain new insights. Whose perspective do you use? Will it be your mother, Trump, or your neighbor? 
  3. Look around 
    Keep your eyes and ears open. There is always someone in the world who has the same problem as you. Use their solutions and make them better. To find these solutions, you can, for example, read surveys or view hashtags. 

The execution 

How do you get it to work? Set a date and do it. This forces you to start working on the problem. Did you start? Now tell everyone what's up and trigger people to contact you. By telling everyone what you're doing, you’ll be forced to make progress and you make it less likely for yourself to give up.