AmstelSquad op bankje

Get to know neighbors during an AmstelSquad event

At Student Experience, we value initiatives by students to organize something fun for their fellow residents. That’s why this article is about a special group of residents, the AmstelSquad. This group of motivated and enthusiastic students organizes events for residents of Student Experience location Amsterdam Amstel. Liana, chairman of the AmstelSquad, tells us who they are and what they do.

About AmstelSquad

Liana: As AmstelSquad, we think it is important to bring the residents of this building together. Everyone lives in an individual studio, which sometimes makes it difficult to meet new people. Loneliness among students is common, and we would like to combat this by doing fun things with residents of our complex.

We organize our events so that it is not scary or uncomfortable to come alone. If we organize a walk or a pub quiz, we divide the students into random groups in advance. That way it’s easy to get to know new people. We organized many successful events already, such as treasure hunts, stand up paddling (SUP) trips, and several parties and drinks. But we’ve also organized fun promotions such as Banana Bread Day, Santa’s Package, and an Easter Egg Guessing Game. We make our events unique by partnering up with small companies like a Mac&Cheese truck, Seltzer brands, and Blurry Nights.

You can stay informed about the activities we organize via Facebook and Instagram. Our next party is on april 7th. Do you have a great idea for an event or a good tip? Send an email to We also have a silent WhatsApp group for all residents. Here we announce events and keep in touch during the events. If you come to an event, you can spot our team members through our brand new purple AmstelSquad hoodies.

AmstelSquad is not owned by Student Experience and we are voluntarily committed to the building and its residents. For most events, Student Experience and AmstelSquad join forces for more options in the content and decoration of the events.

We are also a close-knit group of friends that does a lot of fun things together. Would you like to be a part of this? We look for new members several times a year. Keep an eye on our socials, and you might be the next AmstelSquad member.

AmstelSquad op dak

Start your own squad!

Do you live at a Student Experience location other than Amsterdam Amstel, and does AmstelSquad’s story inspire you? Start your own squad with fellow residents. The Student Experience communications team is happy to help you find a suitable location in the building or provide supplies. So let us know if you are setting up a squad by emailing