5 Study tips to rock your exams

"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think" - Albert Einstein
If you want to rock that exam, read the following 5 tips to get the most out of your study hours.

1. Take care of yourself

Being able to learn starts with taking good care of yourself. Make sure you eat and drink enough, so that you have enough energy to learn for an exam. Skip that after dinner dip and go for healthy food. Sleep can also contribute to your productivity. Your brain stores everything in your sleep. With at least 7,5 hours of sleep per night, you will be fit and fresh to prepare for your exam and you will have enough energy left for some fun times after the exam time. A nice sleep routine and a timer to keep track of your sleep time can help you get the most out of your sleep.

2. Write it down

Take notes with pen and paper. Because you write it down, your brain actively starts working with the learning material and remembers it better. If you only read the material then you are learning passively and generally remember much less. Copying and pasting things works a bit better, typing too, but writing them down is by far the best strategy.

3. Repeat, repeat, repeat

Ever heard of the forgetting curve? This curve shows how information is lost over time if you don't repeat the material several times. If you take notes during a lecture and then read it regularly, you will remember it better. By reading your notes for an hour every two weeks, you are much better prepared for your exam.

4. Start on time

If you start on time you can learn a little bit each time. Learning a bit by bit over some time often works much better than a lot at once. When you focus on progress, you stay more motivated, you remember things better and you also take more time to understand everything properly. An additional advantage is that just before your exam you have less stress, you are more energetic and you do not have to recover weeks from an exam.

5. Make it fun

And last but not least, make it fun! When you are having fun, your brain absorbs a lot more information. Create a pleasant learning environment, put on your finest clothes and make yourself that delicious cappuccino or cup of tea. When you create a learning routine, your brain gets something to look forward to, you have more fun and you also remember the learning material better.

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