4 cheesy ideas to do in Amsterdam

Can’t get enough of cheese? This article gives you 4 ideas on how to take your love for cheese to the next level. From taking a seat on the cheese train in the Kaasbar to ordering cheese packages that fit through the letterbox. And would you rather organize a cheese fondue evening at home or do you prefer an afternoon cheese fondue in a restaurant? Whatever cheesy craving you have, we’ve got the solution!

The Kaasbar in Amsterdam

Could you eat cheese as a starter, main course, and dessert? You can actually do this at the Kaasbar in de Pijp! Sit down at a table or take a seat at the cheese train in the middle of the store. Here, various dishes pass by on the conveyor belt, just like the ones in sushi restaurants. See a tasty dish? Take it off the belt and start eating right away. This is the best way to treat yourself after your exams. The restaurant has more than 24 different Dutch cheeses, so there is plenty to try.


Cheese fondue at home

Now that the sun is away for a few days, it's up to us to make it cozy. Do it by organizing the last cheese fondue evening of the season! You can buy the tastiest fondues at the following cheese shops. Fromagerie Abraham Kef (a must visit shop for cheese lovers) makes a mean cheese fondue you to prepare at home. De Kaaskamer has a choice of Swiss cheese fondue, cheese fondue with Dutch cheeses, and ready-made cheese fondue. L’amuse is a lazy man’s dream: their cheese fondue package you only have to warm up. That way, you'll be ready in no time! Another fun way to make cheese fondue is with canned cheese fondue (Kaasfondue in blik). Just heat the cheese fondue au bain-marie or in a fondue pot or in a saucepan. You can buy the tins at various points in Amsterdam, such as Gewoon kaas, Sterk Amsterdam and Borrl.


Going out for cheese fondue

Are you already dreading the mess in your student studio after a cheese fondue night? Go have cheese fondue in a restaurant! Various places in Amsterdam serve cheese fondues with unique flavors, fresh bread, and crispy vegetables. According to ‘Het Parool’, you can eat the tastiest cheese fondue in Amsterdam at ’t Blaauwhooft. You can eat cheese fondue with sun-dried tomato, basil, or fondue with truffle and rosemary at De Ruyschkamer. At Fondue & Fondue, they have a Dutch cheese fondue with Gouda, Edam, and Oud Alkmaar and a fondue with truffle cheese. More than enough to choose from!

Cheese through the letterbox

Is your friend, girlfriend, or fellow student in quarantine? Support them with a cheese board that fits through the letterbox! The cheeses are freshly vacuumed, which means they stay tasty outside the fridge and have a longer shelf life. You can order the cheese boards via the order page (bestelpagina) of Kaasbar Utrecht and they cost € 18,90. Say cheese today sells cheeses that fit through the letterbox. You can choose from different flavors such as garden herbs, fenugreek, pesto, or truffle. For € 14,90 your package will be delivered to the address of your choice.