Upcoming events this spring

There are a number of fun Student Experience events on the agenda that you definitely don't want to miss!

 - May 18th: Rooftop Movie Night at Amsterdam NDSM  
After last year's amazing success, we're organizing a Rooftop Movie Night at every Student Experience location. Starting with the rooftop sports field of Amsterdam NDSM on Wednesday, May 18 at 21.30. Make sure to get your ticket on time. This is a unique opportunity to watch a movie while overlooking the shimmering lights of the Amsterdam skyline. Drinks, popcorn, and blankets are included. 

- May 20th: Masterclass Photography Valentina Vos at Amsterdam Minervahaven  
Want to learn more about photography? Come to our masterclass! You'll only need your smartphone. Famous photographer Valentina Vos is best known for her playful and vivid work in both editorial and advertising photography. She'll teach you everything about photography, posing, and editing. Did your pictures turn out amazing? Maybe we'll use them in our new campaign.  
Join us on Friday, May 20, from 09:00 until 17:00 at our location Amsterdam Minervahaven (Moermanskkade 71a). Get your ticket here


- May 24th: Co-Study Sessions (every Student Experience location) 
Do you find it difficult to concentrate in your studio? We'll help you through it with the Co-Study Sessions! One day of full focus to nail your upcoming exams or thesis. 
On Tuesday, May 24 from 9.30 till 16.00 the study room will be a full focus zone. We'll offer healthy drinks, delicious cookies, juices, and snacks. Share your best study tips with your neighbors and rock those exams! To make sure you have a spot, reserve a free ticket here


Other events you don’t want to miss 
- June 8th: Rooftop Movie Night at Amsterdam Amstel 
- July 6th: Rooftop Movie Night at Amsterdam Zuidas  
- September 7th: Rooftop Movie Night at Amsterdam Minervahaven  

Want to make sure you don't miss any events? Then keep a close eye on our Instagram and the event calendar on the website. You'll need a free ticket for the events. You can get them using the link we send you by mail. The events are exclusively for residents of all Student Experience locations in Amsterdam. 

Do you have some good event ideas to get to know your neighbors (even) better and give your fellow residents an unforgettable day or evening? Let us know what you would like to organize by sending an email to communications@studentexperience.nl. We are happy to help!