Relax, refresh, restart - 3 tips to relax after a long study day

Studying for an exam can sometimes be challenging. Processing a lot of information, time pressure and stress. After a day of studying you probably want to watch Netflix, have a drink and order pizza with friends. This sounds relaxing, but are those forms of relaxation good for your brain? Unfortunately not. Your overloaded head and stressed feelings will not get any less in the long run. Without realizing it, the mentioned activities require effort. And with exertion after exertion you do not give the brain the rest it needs. But what does work?

1. Into the woods

Do you know that relaxed feeling after a long walk in the woods? According to the latest neuroscience insights, nature makes you happier and lowers your stress level. So dress up warmly and take the bike to the Amsterdamse bos for a good dose of relaxation.

2. Brainfood

Eat yourself to feel relaxed. Try to avoid sugar, alcohol and processed meals. Choose foods like green, leafy vegetables, eggs, fatty fish, nuts, legumes and bananas. All real power food. If you still feel like you need something sweet, choose a nice piece of dark chocolate. Do you want to know more about what nutrition can do for your brain? Type brainfood on and you will immediately find a number of nice books.

3. Sleep

Maybe you slept a little less before or during your exam week. To start the next day fit you need enough time to sleep. If you sleep poor or short, your reaction time and your ability to concentrate decreases. Sleep also has a lot of influence on your emotional state of mind. When you sleep better you are less irritable and more stress resistant. Therefore, make sure you have a nice sleep routine. For example: do not drink coffee after 14:00, take a nice walk in the woods during the day, exercise, do not eat 2 hours before going to sleep and try to stop checking social media on your phone at least half an hour before you go to sleep.