Co-Study Sessions - Social. Healthy. Studying.

Studying, healthy snacks and socializing. This is how the Co-Study Session can be described. The study room at each Student Experience complex was devoted to studying and ensuring optimal preparation for the upcoming exams.

Studying hard and ready many pages of information is not always fun, especially if you have to do that in your studio where you also take all your online classes. Make it more fun and effective by studying together in a different environment during the Co-Study Session, of course Covid proof.


Let's study

A digital clock counts down from 60 to 0 minutes, so you always know how long you have to study before you can take a break. And to fully provide you with optimal focus, there is a handout of a breath meditation session. With a few simple breathing exercises and a music link you can find and hold your focus in just 2 minutes!


Healthy snacks and drinks

During the breaks you can relax and recharge with healthy drinks and snacks from Juice Brothers.
You can take a real shot. Not an alcoholic one ;), but a healthy shot so that you can work on the next study block with new energy. Are you going for the Ginger Shot or is The Charger your thing? These are perfect shots if you are looking for the right focus.



While everyone is recharging themselves, the residents also get to know each other. Just exchange the latest study tips or just have a chat. The social aspect during this Co-Study Session is at least as important as studying itself.

In this way, studying all day becomes fun and easy. Will you be there during the third Co-Study Session in March?