Join an FC Urban football match on the rooftop  

Every Wednesday, FC Urban and Student Experience organize a football match on the roof of every Student Experience location.

How to join? 

As a Student Experience resident, you are invited to join these matches any time you want! Sign up here so FC Urban knows how many people are joining the game. Use the discount code ‘STUDENTEXPERIENCE’, to receive a Lite Membership for 1 euro per month and get access to all the games on any of the Student Experience rooftops.  
If you'd like to play at different locations with FC Urban, we have arranged a special exclusive discount for you: use the code 'STUDENTEXPERIENCE' to get 17 euros off!   

Do you want to play football on other days and at other FC Urban locations?  

If you don't live at Student Experience but want to play football with FC Urban, you can! Anyone can register for the matches through the FC Urban website or in the FC Urban app (App Store or Google Play Store).