Students have hot meals cheffed!

Have you tried it yet? A delicious warm, healthy and sustainable meal from the vending machines of Cheffed?! Residents at our Zuidas and NDSM locations can easily score their meal at the game corner.


Student Experience Amsterdam Zuidas resident and entrepreneur Frank Meijer set up Cheffed, after he started several startups over the past 7 years. He had companies in marketing and construction, so his scope cannot be put in a box. Frank explains: “I am very enterprising and like to take chances. These opportunities came my way, and I didn't want to pass this up. Those were educational years, but now I wanted something different.”

It was precisely through Student Experience that he came up with his idea for Cheffed. “I often came home late from work or university and was looking for a Ready Meal. Unfortunately, most Ready Meals are not super healthy and I was looking for a healthy meal.” The idea came alive but instead of starting a catering company at one location, the idea of installing vending machines came up. “I wondered, how can I ensure that the products are always fresh and available on demand 24/7? You can see the result here.”

Cheffed @NDSM


Because sustainability is important to Frank, he incorporated this in his products. All ingredients come from local suppliers and the meat that is used comes from the Netherlands. In addition, the packaging is made of aluminum and is therefore recyclable.

“We plant a tree for every 5 meals sold, which is pretty cool. That way we also give something back to nature. We currently keep track of how many trees are planted on our Instagram page, but in the future we want to see whether we can also link this per vending machine.”

Food Bank

“To prevent food waste, the meals that have not been sold by the best-before date are removed from the machines and frozen. We then take these meals to the Food Bank. This way it is sustainable and social”, says Frank.

Soep @Zuidas

Delicious food

The meals are predominantly Asian. This is due to Frank's partnership with an Asian caterer. In addition to three rice dishes, there is also a roti, a pasta meal and soup. “Personally, I really like the products, because that must be the key. In addition, they are products that you do not cook or eat often, such as roti. I don't know what the future will bring, but I would also love to offer even more seasonal meals, such as asparagus during the asparagus season."

Are you also curious about a Ready Meals from Cheffed and do you live at Amsterdam Zuidas or Amsterdam NDSM? Come to the game corner and try it yourself! Prices vary between € 7 and € 8. And before you know it, you've cheffed it too.

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