Original Valentine's date ideas from our Student Experience community

During our Valentine's giveaway on Instagram, we've asked you for your most original Valentine's Day date tips. We don't want to keep all those unique ideas to ourselves, so check out the most original tips to surprise your loved ones or friends on Valentine's Day.

1. Make a pillow fort.  

"Making a pillow fort is one of my favorite dates. Working together as a team and thinking outside the box to make the best fort is so much fun. You also receive an excellent reward; having a comfy space to watch a movie, play games, talk, and eat takeout." (by @bigmaggie1030).  

2. Organize a scavenger hunt.   

"Organize a little scavenger hunt through town, where you can find something special at the end (maybe at your house, a restaurant, or somewhere outside)!" (by @oliwialeonczak). 

3. Give honest attention to your loved one. 
"Valentine's day is a reminder to be grateful and show your loved ones how much they mean to you. So, the most important thing to remember when planning a date is to consider your partner's interests and your relationship. Anything personal will do, regardless of whether it is something as big as flying on a hot air balloon on a chill night at home: spending time together is the most important thing. Plan something you and your loved one enjoy doing, possibly an activity that allows you to chat or laugh together. Good music, good food and good vibes will make it a perfect date." (by @alicebarlaam). 

4. LEGO together. 

"Assemble a LEGO creation together! Make sure it's a hard one to test your date's teamwork, pressure tolerance, and problem-solving skills. A LEGO bonsai, for example, would be a perfect piece." (by @aleksvr). 

5. Plan a murder mystery dinner date. 
"A murder mystery game is always a fun activity to do; even if you don't solve the murder, it will bring you closer together." (by @junstinweijgers) 

6. Cuddle the cutest alpacas together. 
"Spend your afternoon cuddling the cutest alpacas at alpaca ecofarm while enjoying tea and freshly baked delicacies." (by @susannaantsmae).