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Delicious and healthy meals from DO EAT! at Student Experience in Madrid Pozuelo

Student Experience and DO EAT! have partnered up to offer the residents of Madrid Pozuelo delicious, healthy, and sustainable meals. A meal plan option is available when booking a studio and includes a variety of diet choices, including vegetarian and vegan.

You may have already spotted the colorful DO EAT! restaurants in Madrid and even tried some of their treats – pioneers of the "Fast Good" concept, they have over 30 locations around Spain, including Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, and others. Launched in 2011 by a pair of friends, Diego Pérez Crespo and Jaime Arteaga, the restoration facilities offer affordable fresh food options with fast service. Their cozy restaurants boast modern design which uses natural materials, making the space comfortable and welcoming.

When it comes to the food itself – options are unlimited! A linear show cooking bar offers over 25 fresh ingredients to choose from to create your own salad or poke bowl. The extensive menu includes a variety of options such as pasta, pizza and grilled fish and meats, exquisite creams, soups, stews, sweet and savory breakfasts, sandwiches, and desserts. And to top it off, seasonal fruit and vegetables are always available. A meal that is always fresh, unique, and of the highest quality made the same day on the spot!

DO EAT! prioritizes sustainability and takes actions to minimize food waste through efficient food practices and collaborating with companies like Too Good to go. Read more about their sustainability practices here.

Meal plan with your studio in Madrid Pozuelo

Curious about the meal plan options? You can select one when reserving your studio at Madrid Pozuelo: half board with breakfast and a choice of lunch or dinner for € 285 (20 tickets for breakfast and 20 tickets for lunch or dinner), full board with breakfast, lunch, and dinner for € 395 (20 tickets for breakfast and 40 tickets for lunch or dinner), or none.

Meals are available from Monday to Friday; on Saturday, only brunch is served; on Sunday, only dinner is available. You are always welcome to purchase extra meals or snacks at the restaurant if you wish!

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