Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2021!

What a year it's been! What started with the launch of a new website and service portal to make life even easier for our residents, quickly turned into a year of less pleasant changes. Universities and colleges closed, no more drinks at your favorite pub or restaurant, students confined to their homes. For us it also meant that we had to fill in the year differently for our residents. No Halloween parties, no monthly drinks and closed areas...

But we kept going anyway! To stay fit, we organized live stream workouts via Instagram, social distancing yoga and bootcamp on the rooftops and a social Advent Calendar to add some joy to the holidays.
We also introduced our Co-Study Sessions. Studying together, healthy snacks during breaks, desk yoga while still keeping a safe distance from each other. We are proud of how well this new concept was received by residents. This will definitely return next year!

What we learned from a year in which nothing went as we hoped it would, is that we can create the most beautiful things with flexibility, creativity and input from our residents. A lesson that we take to 2021, for which we already have some amazing plans in mind.

Happy holidays and a happy and healthy 2021 for now!