Spring cleaning: step by step

It may not feel like it, but it's officially spring. And when you say spring, you say spring cleaning! We admit: cleaning may not be the most fun ‘part’ of spring. Of course, you'd rather chill out on a terrace, throw your winter coat into your closet and dance all day at the first festival of the year. But with the sun barely showing itself anyway, you might as well throw yourself into a thorough cleaning. That way, when the clouds clear and temperatures rise, you can hit the hammock immediately (with a sense of accomplishment).

Step 1: playlist
Cleaning is much more fun while listening to some good music! Create a playlist that energizes you and gets you moving.

Step 2: clean up
Before cleaning can begin, you need to put things into their places. So, time to get rid of that pile of mail, clear the kitchen sink and get your closet ready for the summer. Tip: buy some organizers and boxes where you can store your stuff in an organized way.

Step 3: dusting
Dusting is the first step of cleaning. Dampen the duster slightly and work from top to bottom. Do you have a plant? Then it is best to use a plant sprayer.

Step 4: Kitchen and bathroom
Empty your kitchen cabinets and clean them with a good all-purpose cleaner. And while you are emptying the cabinets, you can immediately sort out your stuff: do you still really need everything? Are any products expired? Remember the refrigerator, too. Finally, clean the stove, the hood and the oven/microwave with a degreaser.
In the bathroom, start with the shower head and shower walls. Did you know that simple vinegar mixed with hot water is a good descaler? Next are the sink, toilet and floor.

Step 5: vacuuming and mopping
You're almost there! Vacuuming and mopping is the last step. While vacuuming, move the furniture and your bed aside for a moment, too. You'll be surprised how much dust accumulates in the corners. Finally, make sure to work toward the door while mopping, so you don't have to walk on the wet floor. Tip: Use cold water, a dash of vinegar and don't over-wet the floor.

Sustainable cleaning
Cleaning products are often bad for the environment. But nowadays, there are plenty of alternative ecological options which are better for yourself and nature. For example, check out Ecogoodies or check labels like the European Ecolabel in stores.