Residents Care Center Vreugdehof spoiled by Student Experience

Because Student Experience believes that no one should feel lonely, and certainly not during Christmas, our team delivered 200 presents and Christmas cards to our Zuidas neighbors Care Center Vreugdehof. The Christmas cards, written by hand, were filled with Christmas wishes of the residents of Student Experience.

The original plan was slightly different; residents could wrap presents and write Christmas wishes for our senior neighbors in the Student Experience Santa's Workshop. With Christmas music, hot chocolate and an abundance of wrapping paper and decorations, the gifts would get an extra festive touch. Unfortunately, the plans had to be adjusted due to the lockdown.

Instead, students sent in Christmas wishes via social media and e-mail, so that it could still be written on the Christmas cards for our neighbors.

For a moment we were allowed to play as Santa by delivering the treats in large packages to Vreugdehof this week. Completely corona-proof of course!