Residents of Student Experience

Meet fellow residents with our new event platform!

Student Experience offers more than just studios. That's why we, but also the residents, organize inspiring, activating and above all fun activities.

Are you in for a drink, brunch or dinner with your fellow residents? Or rather a study session or sport activity? Want to organize a closet sale or do you have another genius activity in mind?

Do you want to get in touch with fellow residents, but you don't know many them yet? Do you feel like getting to know new residents or have your friends something else to do? It's planned quicker than you know.
Or do you always want to be informed about Student Experience events or organize one yourself? No problem, we have the solution!

On the new What's Going On page you know exactly which activities take place and when you should keep a free spot in your agenda for the best, nicest, most inspiring and educational activities. Organized for and by your fellow residents or by Student Experience, such as the Co-Study events, masterclasses and sport events. Everything is on the new page!
Click here to organize your own activity and we will ensure you that the event is on the site as soon as possible.
Favorite the What's Going on page, sign up for events and organize an activity yourself!

All activities must adhere to the current corona measures.

Residents of Student Experience