Advent calender - a virtual surprise a day

The last month of the year is finally here and that means the countdown to the holidays has started. 2020 posed enough of a challenge, so we're not just celebrating Christmas and New Year's this year. Instead, we'll be celebrating the whole month of December with our Student Experience Advent Calendar!

It's an all too familiar Advent Calendar dilemma. Will you be good and open just one of the windows a day, or has December 4th got you staring at the empty contents of window number 23? To help the impatient types among us, we reinvented the traditional Advent Calendar - digitally!

The social advent calendar

We'll be sharing a 'virtual window' on our Facebook and Instagram stories daily. Open it for a surprise - from giveaways like your name in chocolate letters to the perfect holiday playlist with a twist. The Student Experience Advent Calendar is here to provide you with your daily dose of holiday spirit!

Unbox with us!

Keep an eye on our Instagram and/or Facebook stories!