Spectacular entrance trees Amsterdam Minervahaven

While students are already staying in the Amsterdam Minervahaven complex, a final touch is made to the garden. With the arrival of a number of tall Amelanchier lamarckii's, the garden is as good as finished. The trees had to be lifted over the building by a crane, which means that placing these trees was literally the highlight of the morning.

It's early in the morning when The Dakdokters arrive, followed by a large crane. The tall trees cannot go through the normal entrance to the courtyard, so they have to be lifted over the building into the courtyard. This operation, which lasts a few hours, provides the garden with even more greenery. Although the trees do not yet look "green", they will bloom this spring and give a new impulse to the flora and fauna of the courtyard.


In addition to the trees in the courtyard, the lounge received a touch of green as well. With the arrival of a tree near the coffee corner, students can now enjoy nature while drinking a cup of coffee or preparing for an exam.

Photos below: Amelanchier-lamarckii in blossom