Studio Stories: Bas Wassens

A lot of Student Experience studios are the same in size and construction. Yet their interior design can be very different. Practical and cozy or minimal and modern, with second-hand items or everything bought new. In this story, we will have a look inside the home of Bas Wassens, resident of Amsterdam Amstel.


Since 2018 Bas has enjoyed living at Student Experience’s Amsterdam Amstel location. A friend of his tipped him to take a look at the Student Experience website. As if it was meant to be, a studio became available and he took his chance, resulting in getting a studio at our Amstel location!

“What I really like about Student Experience is that you get to know people really quickly. You meet new friends easily at parties and events hosted by Student Experience. I also registered with FC Urban where you can play football on the rooftop of the building for free”, Bas says.

Studio Tip

Every student knows the struggle. You don't have enough space for all the stuff you have or you don't have the budget to buy all kinds of new stuff. Then pay attention! Because who would be better to give a studio tip than the resident himself?

Bas starts “It is important to be creative with all the stuff you have in your studio. Personally I’m a big fan of the tiny house movement. So use all corners optimally and organize your studio well. In addition, you should not be too critical about furniture. Visit various thrift or vintage stores because you can find really nice stuff for a good price there!”.

Do you want more tips from Bas and do you want to know what his studio looks like? Check out the Studio Story below!