Students think living at Student Experience is amazing!

Student Experience annually conducts a customer satisfaction survey among its new, current and departed residents. Although 2020 is already a few months behind us, the results for that year are in. And we are very proud of the result because the residents rate us with an average score of 8.0!

Safety first

Student Experience attaches great importance to a safe living environment. To ensure this, there is 24/7 security and camera surveillance in all student complexes. This means there is always someone nearby who pays attention or whom the residents can turn to with questions. This safety is therefore rated very well with an average of 8.5! In addition, it is noticeable that hygiene has been given an 8.0. If you look at the past year in which Covid-19 was central, it is nice to see that the students are so satisfied.

Get our of your studio

The facilities at the locations also score very well. For example, the lounge gets a 7.9, the inner garden a 7.7 and the rooftop sports field is rated 7.8. It is good to hear that residents appreciate these facilities so much these days. These are the facilities that are used a lot, allowing them to escape from their studio nowadays. And so with great success (and appreciation).

Despite all the positive feedback, there is always room for improvement. We use the results from the annual survey to improve our service, quality and safety even better in the future.