Super sustainable furniture

Did you know that throwing away furniture is a major polluter? The many different materials and their size often make furniture difficult to recycle. Fortunately, there are several ways to give a second life to that couch that you are tired of, or that chair that you do not want to take with you when you move out!


Pimp your furniture

Why throw something away when you can give it a second life? Buy your favorite color of paint or find a cool fabric and create a new look.

Are you going to paint? Don't forget to lightly sand and clean your item – that way it will look brand new again.

Of course you can do this all by yourself, but it’s much more fun if you do this together with a friend. Together the work will be done faster and two minds always have better ideas to pimp your furniture.

Complex Facebook group

Did you know that each Student Experience location has its own private Facebook group? Most of the residents of the complex are in this group, which is of course the ideal target group to give your furniture a second life. Many foreign residents often haven’t had time to buy furniture before coming to the Netherlands. By offering your furniture you can help someone else and you can look for a replacement at the same time. And who knows, maybe you'll take over your new favorite furniture from your neighbors.

Thrift store

Do you want to give your furniture a new purpose, but it doesn't work out in the Facebook group? Then see if the nearest thrift store can use your furniture. The thrift store often offers a pick-up service. Do you know fellow residents who are also restyling their studio? Then of course you can also rent a small moving van together and take all the furniture you no longer use to the thrift store. There is a good chance that your furniture will end up with someone who is very happy with it!

Bulky waste – the last option

If your furniture is no longer usable, then there is no other option than to place it with the bulky waste. The municipality of Amsterdam collects bulky waste for free several times a week. Enter your address on the municipality's website to see where and when bulky waste is collected in your area. Stick to these days – this is how you contribute to a litter-free city!