Studio Stories: Julia Serrano

A lot of Student Experience studios are the same in size and construction. Yet their interior design can be very different. Practical and cozy or minimal and modern, with second-hand items or everything bought new. In this story, we will have a look inside the home of Julia Serrano, a Spanish resident of Amsterdam Amstel.


Since 2020 Julia has enjoyed living at the Amsterdam Zuidas location. She arrived in Amsterdam at during the lockdown, after a friend tipped her to respond to a studio at Student Experience.

“Personally, I really like the facilities in the complex! There are many common areas, of course you have the study area but my favorite spot is the sports field on the roof. You can enjoy roller skating there or relax in the sun” says Julia with a smile.

Studio tip

Every student knows the struggle. You don't have enough space for all the stuff you have or you don't have the budget to buy all kinds of new stuff. Then pay attention! Because who would be better to give a studio tip than the resident himself?

Julia starts “When I came to the Netherlands, I didn't immediately have all the furniture for my studio. In addition, many shops were closed due to the lockdown, which made it more difficult to buy something new. Thanks to the Facebook group of Student Experience Zuidas, I found a fridge and wardrobe for a small budget. So that's really a tip for new residents who don't have that much to spend. Join the private Facebook group!

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