Student Experience Amsterdam Minervahaven

Minervahaven: 5 hotspots

Living at Student Experience is great because it is a gathering of fellow students and each complex has many facilities. But definitely the best part about living at Student Experience is living in the city of Amsterdam, which is waiting to be discovered by you. Whether you have a studio in Student Experience Amsterdam Amstel, Zuidas, NDSM or Minervahaven; there are plenty of hotspots in the area!

Minervahaven is located in one of the newest living and working areas of Amsterdam: The Houthavens. The history of the Houthavens goes all the way back to 1876 and was mainly known as a transport and storage place for wood. When timber was increasingly transported by road, Houthavens grew into an industrial area. Especially for entrepreneurs in the creative sector, such as art, media, entertainment and fashion. It is now a bustling area, characterized by its jetties, where modern architecture, restaurants, housing and international companies come together. Below you will find the best hotspots around Minervahaven. What will be your first stop?

1. REM Island

In 1963, the advertising exploitation company was founded. A platform in the middle of the ocean that made commercial television under the name TV Noordzee. In 2011, the REM island was transferred to the new Houthaven. Nowadays it serves as office space and there is a restaurant. Enjoy drinks and bites while looking out over the Houthavens and the IJ. Absolutely worth it!

2. Theater Amsterdam

Unlike most theaters in Amsterdam, this theater has very modern architecture that can be recognized by its large glass facade at the front. Not only great theater performances are given, but also business events and (mini) concerts. This spring one of the halls was transformed into a cinema with beds. Say what?! Reason enough to check their agenda on a regular base.

3. Spaarndammerbuurt

Spend one (or more) afternoon(s) in the Spaarndammerbuurt. It is best to explore this neighborhood by yourself, because there are too many nice restaurants and shops here to mention. Put on some comfy sneakers and stroll around. Have a beer at bar Mick, get a bagel at Bagel & Beans or go veggie at Morris & Bella.

4. Easter Island

For the ultimate summer feeling you go to Easter Island. Relax in a hammock or on your towel in the grass with a view over the IJ, while you discover comfort food from the Pacific cuisine. You find Easter Island at Stenen Hoofd 1 and make sure you are prepared to chill hard and come home totally relaxed.

5. Westerpark

Discover a world full of cafes, restaurants, galleries, clubs or take an intensive outdoor boot camp. In Westerpark, Amsterdam's energy is alive and kicking. In summer this is also the place to be for festivals and markets. Just 5 minutes cycling distance away! Tip: Enjoy a low budget afternoon at Westerpark by bringing a large rug and picnic basket.