Co-Study Sessions next level

Staying completely in the focus zone to get through your upcoming exam week is easier said than done. Fortunately, we have the Co-Study Sessions! At every location, many residents registered for this study event, which lasted two days this time. There is no better preparation for the upcoming exam week then to join this event.

It's now a well-known concept to all residents at Student Experience. At the request of many residents, it was also decided to organize the event not for just one but for two days in a row. Being in a different setting, healthy snacks during the breaks and especially studying with your fellow residents is more motivating than being in your own studio. In addition, the students notice that they study well during this event in the morning and afternoon instead of the whole day in there studio with a lot of distraction. 


Social challenge

After a study block of 45 minutes, there is a short break. In these breaks of 10 to 15 minutes you can stretch your legs, get healthy snacks and drinks from Juice Brothers and socialize with each other. To stimulate the social aspect, which is very important in these times, Student Experience has come up with a little challenge. It's called the Juice Buddy Challenge. Are you still in the focus zone or not at all? Did you drink too much yesterday and recovering from a hangover or are you wide awake? Based on the outcome, your (Juice) Buddy will choose the right healthy drink or shot for you. A lot of fun is guaranteed!


Tips for after the session

A handout with Brain Balance tips from Charlotte Labee can be taken and used by the resident after the Co-Study Session. The handout gives a number of tips of how the resident can stay in the focus zone from eating real Brain Food to keep moving while learning.

Charlotte Labee gave many more tips to the resident during the very first Student Experience masterclass. Do you want to know how that went? Check the summary of this masterclass here!

The next Co-Study Session is scheduled for mid-May. See you then!