How to spend a rainy day at Student Experience

It's officially fall and fall means rain. Or rather: the Netherlands means rain. Rainy days are not seasonal here. Fortunately, you live at Student Experience and there are plenty of fun things to do with friends or fellow residents for which you don't have to leave the complex. You can of course do the activities below in your own studio, but it is probably more fun to use one of the common areas, such as the lounge. This way there is a good chance that passers-by will join. The more souls, the more joy and you get to know new people!

Classic game night

Game of the goose, yathzee or monopoly; choose your favorite. These classics are timeless and guarantee an old-fashioned cozy afternoon. But of course you can also organize a game yourself, such as bingo with a sustainable twist. In this bingo variant everyone takes something that they no longer use and these are the 'vintage' pearls that you can win, in other words: One man's trash is another man's treasure. Making the world a better place has never been so much fun!

Beer or wine tasting

Organizing a beer or wine tasting yourself is not only fun and a lot cheaper, but also quite practical. After all, you are close to your own studio and can roll right into your bed afterwards. A good tasting experience starts with good company. Get some people together and divide the tasks. If everyone takes a bottle with them, the costs remain low. Tips for a successful beer or wine tasting:
- Choose a theme, such as country or region;
- Determine the sequence; from light to heavy;
- Provide matching snacks;
- Print out a tasting form in advance for anyone to fill out. There are plenty of example forms available online, but you can also create your own creative version.

Movie night

Watching a good movie in a comfy outfit while the rain hits against your windows is the perfect me-time, but it's definitely more fun to do with friends. Plop down in one of the comfortable sofas in the lounge and enhance the experience by using a beamer. You can borrow a beamer at the Amsterdam Minervahaven location via TULU. Make a top 5 movies and let everyone vote or watch them all during a movie marathon. Popcorn and blankets can’t be missed at this ‘activity’.

Wellness at noon

Put on your bathrobe and get the most delicious masks at home or consult Google and make them yourself. Although the bath in your studio is missing, you can quite easily make a foot bath with, for example, a bucket and bath bomb. After a good scrub and nourishing cream, your feet will feel like new. Create the ultimate spa vibe at home by lighting a fragrance stick, putting down magazines and having tasty snacks within reach. While your faces are covered in clay, you and your friends can have a nice chat.

Mario Kart match or FIFA tournament

Challenge your fellow residents with a Mario Kart match or FIFA tournament. You can easily connect your game console to the television in the lounge, where there is enough space to play with a large group and encourage each other. You can make the match as professional as you want. Put teams together, appoint a referee or game supervisor, keep the score on a scoreboard and choose a prize for the winner. The more at stake, the more fanatical the participants. This way you suddenly get to know your shy neighbor in a completely different way.