Amsterdam Zuidas 5 B61

Antonio Vivaldistraat 5 B61

21 m²

Long stay (min. one-year contract)

Not furnished

€ 814 /month including service costs

I want this studio

Start date contract
30 juni 2023

Respond until
29 mei 2023

This private studio is cleverly designed so that you can easily make it your own place in Amsterdam. This studio is located on the 1st floor facing north.


Your studio includes a private bathroom and kitchen
For your comfort, it also includes:

  • Curtain rails
  • Photo rails
  • Electric 2-burner stove and extractor hood (no fridge)
  • Anthracite colored flooring

What our residents are saying.

The duty managers who look after the building are really nice. For example when I request a repair and book a time slot, they are always very punctual and try to repair it very well. Good service!

Amsterdam Zuidas

My neighbours became my best friends. I also got a lot of inspiration from the building which I live in, I even made an artbook about it.

Amsterdam Zuidas

Student Experience is much more than a residence, it's a lifestyle!

Lucy Zuidas
Amsterdam Zuidas

Imagine living at the heart of innovation, business and trends but still having the carefree attitude and freedom of a student. This is the prestige Student Experience Amsterdam Zuidas provides us. And I wish I could just live here beyond my student life!

Amsterdam Zuidas

The balance between my own space, but never feeling alone makes it the perfect home for me. 

Amsterdam Zuidas

The lounge is amazing! Being with friends and being able to play ping-pong is super fun!

Amsterdam Zuidas

Everything you need you can find at Amsterdam Zuidas. I personally love the aesthetics of the design of the building and the different common areas where you can meet new people. 

Amsterdam Zuidas